we all want to be


But do we actually think about it for a long-term view?
At LifeAdve, our focus is on nurturing a scientific approach and facilitating

participants in understanding the objectives and concepts of self-realization.


We believe, by training our mind and body we can have healthy relationships, better mental & physical health

We achieve this through the powerful combination of nature, adventure, psychotherapies, and counseling. Our team of experts from various fields have scientifically and systematically designed activity-based experiential learning programs/modules. 

Our Services

We offer personalized training and health wellness programs to optimise your wellbeing!

Fun activities with professionals

We offer programs designed for different age groups, covering the entire life cycle and addressing respective expectations at each stage. Our foundation is built upon innovations, experiential learning in an expeditionary setting, reflections, and creative presentations.

Beautiful day in Nature's Arm

You will be spending your day under beautiful view of nature. Which will help you realize the importance of life and things we take granted for.

We serve all Age-Groups

Especially curated for 0-6 years kids

Designed for the growth of 6-12 years childrens

Curated for fun learnings for 12-16 years student

Designed to help discover things for 16-20 years

Curated for 20-25 years students who want to evolve with time

Especially personalized for senior citizens to enjoy their beautiful times

Our Happy Clients!

"LifeAdve impressed me on multiple levels. They were very supportive throughout our journey. Best Counselling Ever!"
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"We're loving it. Adventure is exactly what our life has been lacking for so long."
Kirti Singh
"It fits our needs perfectly. I will refer everyone I know. I will recommend LifeAdve to my colleagues for sure!"

Frequently Asked Questions.

We will organise a trip for all the candidates and will try to connect you with nature so that your life becomes peaceful and enjoyable.

Open groups are those where participants register themselves individually to take an activity and therefore no one knows each other until the day of the event.

Private groups are those where participants book an activity on a private basis. All participants know each other and there are no external participants in that particular activity. An example of that would be the following: a family, a bachelor’s/bachelorette’s party, a couple, an
Depending on the kind of relationship.

The required minimum is one person, although we recommend that there is a minimum of 5 or 6 people so it is more affordable for each participant. For most of the activities, the price is set at a 5-6 people group.

The minimum required age will depend on the activity that is going to be done. We also understand that the minimum age may vary according to the kid’s ability. Furthermore, we are experts in adapting every activity for the participant’s age and physical condition.

Depending on the kind of relationship

Fun and engaging activities that can be performed by all age groups.

We usually don’t. We are specialized in private groups so we can offer a high-quality service.

Yes, we do. This is in fact what this is our field of expertise.

Yes, we do. We organize activities one-on-one and also for couples.

Mountains and Adventure spots

Meet Our Team

We are changing the way how people explore nature and relationships!

Vikas Gupta

Founder/Director at LifeAdve

Mr. Avinash Deosker

Director at Adventure Academy

Mrs. Bimla Negi Deoskar

Director at Adventure Academy

Dr. Jayshree Shiwalkar

Developmental Pediatrician at SWAYAM

Dr. Kanak Sharma

Founder/ Director at Mind Over Matter

Nishant Seth

Founder / Director at N S Infra & Passionate Trekker, seasoned entrepreneur and Marketing Strategist.

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